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6-10-13. The short promo piece "Doing it by the numbers" was published as an AAMI Blog. The first feedback was received from Ken Maddock, VP for Facility Support Services who said that he was "very impresssed with the quality and quantity of the work" (so far). Feedback from William Hyman, Professor Emeritus, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Texas A&M University, expressed some concerns with the brief promo piece; the primary issue being that the illustrative hypothetical response "totally ignores failures that are independent of PM issues".

6-12-13. Feedback from Robert Stiefel,President of RHS Biomedical Engineering Consulting LLC, Baltimore included comments that the project appeared to be "well organized", but he is concerned about "getting people to participate by adding data" and asked "Specifically, what do you anticipate are the next steps." See our initial response to this question on a newly created page (Next steps)

3-15-15. First feedback from the Ridgway-posted blog (titled "It's time for HTM to take care of business"; http://aamiblog.org/2015/03/13/malcolm-ridgway-its-time-for-htm-to-take-care-of-business/) was from Bill Hyman who expressed his opinion that there is no evidence that current PM practices are putting patients at risk, and therefore the new requirements are unnecessarily burdensome. He suggests that we need to hear from the hospital executives about the wasting of precious resources.

3-16-15. Comment from J. Scott Mackeil CBET to the effect that hospitals need to have thorough safety programs to keep the equipment safe and that while some manufacturers might be over-specifying the maintenance requirements others may be under-specifying the real needs.

3-17-15. Comment from Stephen Grimes to the effect that far fewer of the more modern pieces of equipment require regular PM and this means that current manufacturer specifications are significantly overstating the maintenance needs.

3-26-15. Comment from Ted Cohen to the effect that there is a need for the Task Force to provide some evidence-based guidelines for the content of scheduled maintenance procedures.

4-3-15. Comment from Rick Schrenker to the effect that there is real need to push back against these excessive requirements.

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