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(This page was last revised on 7-17-16)

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  • HTM ComDoc 1 Key concepts and terminology (last revised on 10-2-17)
  • HTM ComDoc 2. Terminology and important definitions (last revised on 7-17-16)
  • HTM ComDoc 3. Determining which medical device types are potentially PM-critical (under revision) (last revised on 2-22-17)
  • HTM ComDoc 4. Using real maintenance data to separate PM-critical devices into several different levels of risk (under revision) (last revised on 2-22-17)
  • HTM ComDoc 5. The most useful format for generic PM procedures (last revised on 3-4-15)
  • HTM ComDoc 6. Choosing appropriate PM intervals (last revised on 3-4-15)
  • HTM ComDoc 7. Creating a community database of maintenance findings from PM and repair records (under revision) (last revised on 12-28-15)
  • HTM ComDoc 8. Maximizing equipment safety (last revised on 10-29-15)
  • HTM ComDoc 9. Medical devices that may benefit from PM from a business/ economics viewpoint (last revised on 3-4-15)
  • HTM ComDoc 10. Maintenance Optimization: Implementation options and strategies (in preparation) (last revised on 10-29-15)
  • HTM ComDoc 11. Regulatory compliance. (in preparation) (last revised on 2-2-17)
  • HTM ComDoc 12. Countering the "Great Electrical Safety Scare of the 1970s" - an historic, early use of probabilistic analysis to quantify risk. (last revised on 8-8-14)
  • HTM ComDoc 13. The application of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to the use of medical devices (last revised on 2-16-15)
  • HTM ComDoc 14. An introduction to Reliability-centered Maintenance (RCM): The modern approach to Planned Maintenance (last revised on 4-9-15)
  • HTM ComDoc 15. "The Heart Of the PM Debate" (last revised on 1-23-16)
  • HTM ComDoc 16 Implementing a simple RCM-based Alternate Equipment Management (AEM) program (last revised on 4-10-17)

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