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Introductory materials

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(This page was last revised on 5-29-16)

Active links appear in blue or orange; links that are not yet functional appear in green.

  • The Mission. This page provides a statement that will enable the Task Force to recognize when the mission has been completed
  • The Plan. This page provides a summary of what needs to be done to implement the project.
  • Next steps. This page lists action items that the Task Force is, or will be, working on.
  • Current events - Check out what's new by clicking on the Current events link. The Project Log provides a timeline of the project showing the dates of recent changes in the material.
  • Visit our Comments Log to view an annotated listing of recent e-mail comments from individuals who have visited the website and viewed the materials.
  • Send any comments you may have on the material to htmc.mptf@gmail.com Please include your name, title and affiliation. We reserve the right to include your comments in our Comments Log unless you specifically tell us not to do so.

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