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::::A library of <font color = red>preventive maintenance (PM) procedures</font>. ::::A library of <font color = red>preventive maintenance (PM) procedures</font>.
-:<big>Page 7. [[Model documents]]</big> 
-::::A collection of <font color = red>model policies and other documents</font>. 

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Welcome to the Healthcare Technology Management Community's database website


  • This is a wiki website and accounts are reserved for authorized wiki contributors only.
  • However, there is no need to log in to get read-only access which will allow you to read, download and print any of the material.
  • If you have any questions, please send an email to the Director of the Task Force at htmc.mptf@gmail.com

Table of contents

(This page was last revised on 12-31-16)

Active links appear in blue or orange; links that are not yet functional appear in green.

Page 1. Introductory materials:
The HTM Community Database Project, the Maintenance Practices Task Force, the project plan, etc ....
Page 2. The database Tables:
Proof Tables showing aggregated maintenance data for all PM-critical devices (PM Priority 1 devices etc., the HTMC Generic PM procedures, etc ....
Page 3. Explanatory articles
"ComDoc" articles describing how the Task Force used the basic principles of RCM to develop the database tables.
Page 4. Reference documents
"ComRef" documents that the Task Force used to develop their RCM-based approach.
Page 5. Model documents
Potentially useful, de-identified model policies and other documents that have been collected by the Task Force from various sources.
Page 6. PM procedures
A library of preventive maintenance (PM) procedures.

Appendix A. Personal recollections
Stories about the evolution of the profession from some of the profession's "old timers" ...
Appendix B. In Memoriam
Honor Roll of celebrated CE professionals who are no longer with us ...

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