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Table 5.

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Summary Proof Tables (with supporting Detailed Proof Tables) for all potentially PM-critical device types

(This table was last updated on 1-18-16) (This version has been abandonned. See Table 5)

Table 5.1 AEDs

Table 5.2 Anesthesia units

Table 5.3 Critical care ventilators

Table 5.3HE Critical care ventilators (illustrative hypothetical example)

Table 5.4 Defibrillator/ monitors

Table 5.5 Intra-aortic balloon pumps

Table 5.6 Transport incubators

Table 5.7 Transport ventilators

Table 5.8 Apnea monitors

Table 5.9 Infant incubators

Table 5.10 Cardiac resuscitators

Table 5.11 External pacemakers

Table 5.12 Heart-lung bypass units

Table 5.13 Neonatal monitors

Table 5.14 Oxygen monitors

Table 5.15 Patient monitoring systems

Table 5.16 Linear accelerators

Table 5.17 Extracorporeal blood pumps

Table 5.18 Oxygen analyzers

Table 5.19 PCA pumps

Table 5.20 Syringe pumps



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