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(This page was last revised on 2-13-17)

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  • Table 1 Devices most likely to benefit from PM - from a patient safety perspective (last revised on 1-24-16) (archive of original Table 1.)
  • Table 4 Ranking of the various device types according to their PM-related Failure Severity Index (combining Tables 2 and 3) (last revised on 5-18-18)
  • Table 6 Devices that may benefit from PM by reducing potentially-lost revenues (last updated on 5-22-13)
  • Table 7 Devices that may benefit from PM by reducing total repair costs (last updated on 5-22-13)
  • Table 8 Devices that may benefit from PM by minimizing potential damage to the facility's reputation (last updated on 5-22-13)
  • Table 9 Devices that may benefit from PM by creating some kind of economic benefit (last updated on 5-22-13)
  • Table 10 List of model HTMC PM Procedures (last updated on 1-23-16)
  • Table 11 Tentative characterizations of different amounts of data in the experience base (last updated on 1-23-16)
  • Table 12 What should be considered the minimum acceptable level of PM-related device reliability/safety (last updated on 4-9-16)


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