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"clarification memo"6. Regulatory compliance issues; Codes and Standards7. Monitoring maintence program performance
AEM (Alternate Equipment Management) ProgramAEM ProgramAEM program
ASHE Device Master Classification Table (MCT)ASHE Maintenance Practices ProjectASHE Standard Device Type Table
A suggestion by George JohnstonAdditional materials - Burt DodsonAdditional materials - Forrest Bird
Additional materials - Gailord GordonAdditional materials - Joel NobelAdditional materials - Les Atles
Additional materials - Myron HartmanAdditional materials - Saul AronowAdditional materials - Tom Hargest
Al JakniunasAngio/ cath, SP, w digitalAnticipated participation of the HTM community in the project
Automatic protection mechanismAvailabilityBinseng Wang
Bob StiefelBurt DodsonC.RES-01
Cardiac resuscitatorsCarefusion AVEACause coding
ComDoc 14Comments LogCommunity participation in the project
Condition monitoringCorrective maintenanceCosmetic repair
Cosmetic restorationCritical PM-preventable failure modeCritical care ventilator/ Brand
Critical care ventilator/ Brand 1 - Model A/ 6 monthsCritical care ventilator/ Brand A - Model 1/ 6 monthsCritical care ventilator/ Carefashion-Velour/ 6 months
Critical deviceCritical equipmentCritical failure mode
Current eventsDEF-01DEF/PC-LP12/06
DRDR-related failure modeDamaged
David P. HarringtonDefibrillator/ monitorsDevice-restoration-critical
Device name 1 (singular)Device restorationDevice restoration-critical
Device restoration-related failure modeDevice unavailabilityDoing it by the numbers
Don RobidaDowntimeDr Aronow's Curriculum Vita
Draft BI&T article 4-7-18Draft BI&T article 4-8-16Draft BI&T article part 2 7-31-18
Drager ApolloDrager Evita Infinity V500Drager Fabius GS
Duane MarriottiETC-01EX.ER-01
Economic riskElliot SloaneEmail from Don on Gailord
Email from Frank on GailordEmail from Malcolm on GailordEmail from Manny on Gailord
Email from Mario on GailordEmail from Marv on GailordEmail from Steve on Gailord
Equipment availabilityEvident failureExperience base
Explanatory articlesExplanatory articles supporting the TablesExplanatory articles supporting the database
Explanatory articles supporting the tablesExplanatory materials: Articles supporting the databaseFMEA
Failure Mode and Effects AnalysisFailure Modes and Effects AnalysisFailure effect
Failure modeFailure mode and effects analysisFailure modes and effects analysis
Fennigkoh-Smith methodFigure 14.1Figure 14.1.pdf‎
Fixed interval preventive maintenanceForrest M. BirdGE Medical Aestiva 5
GE Medical S 5 AespireGailord J. GordonGettinge Servo 1
HTM ComDoc 1HTM ComDoc 1.HTM ComDoc 10
HTM ComDoc 10.HTM ComDoc 11HTM ComDoc 11.
HTM ComDoc 12HTM ComDoc 12.HTM ComDoc 13
HTM ComDoc 13.HTM ComDoc 14HTM ComDoc 14.
HTM ComDoc 15HTM ComDoc 15.HTM ComDoc 16
HTM ComDoc 2HTM ComDoc 2.HTM ComDoc 3
HTM ComDoc 3.HTM ComDoc 4HTM ComDoc 4.
HTM ComDoc 5HTM ComDoc 5.HTM ComDoc 6
HTM ComDoc 6.HTM ComDoc 7HTM ComDoc 7.
HTM ComDoc 8HTM ComDoc 8.HTM ComDoc 9
HTM ComDoc 9.HTM ComRef 1HTM ComRef 1.
HTM ComRef 10HTM ComRef 10.HTM ComRef 11
HTM ComRef 11.HTM ComRef 12HTM ComRef 12.
HTM ComRef 13HTM ComRef 13.HTM ComRef 14
HTM ComRef 14.HTM ComRef 15HTM ComRef 15.
HTM ComRef 16HTM ComRef 16.HTM ComRef 17.
HTM ComRef 19HTM ComRef 19.HTM ComRef 2
HTM ComRef 2.HTM ComRef 20HTM ComRef 20.
HTM ComRef 21HTM ComRef 21.HTM ComRef 22
HTM ComRef 22.HTM ComRef 23HTM ComRef 23.
HTM ComRef 24HTM ComRef 24.HTM ComRef 25
HTM ComRef 25.HTM ComRef 26HTM ComRef 26.
HTM ComRef 27HTM ComRef 27.HTM ComRef 28
HTM ComRef 28.HTM ComRef 3HTM ComRef 3.
HTM ComRef 31HTM ComRef 31.HTM ComRef 33
HTM ComRef 33.HTM ComRef 34HTM ComRef 34.
HTM ComRef 35HTM ComRef 35.HTM ComRef 36
HTM ComRef 36.HTM ComRef 4HTM ComRef 4.
HTM ComRef 5.HTM ComRef 6HTM ComRef 6.
HTM ComRef 7HTM ComRef 7.HTM ComRef 8
HTM ComRef 8.HTM ComRef 9HTM ComRef 9.
HTM Community DataBase ProjectHTM Community Database ProjectHTM ModelDoc 1
HTM ModelDoc 1.HazardousHealthcare Technology Management (HTM) Community's
Heart of the PM DebateHidden-failure-critical deviceHidden failure
Hidden failure-critical deviceHidden failuresHidden failures questionnaire
Hidden failures severity questionnaireHigh-risk deviceHigh-risk medical device
High-risk medical equipmentHonor RollI.A.B.P-01
In MemoriamIndividualsInherent failure rate
Inherent reliabilityInherent reliability-related failureInherent reliability-related failures
Inherently safeInspectionsInstallation
Integris Allura, single planeInterval explorationIntroduction: Purpose and scope
IntroductoryIntroductory materialsJim Keller
Joe DyroJoel J. NobelJohn Hughes
Just-in-timeKeyword IndexLOF
LOS 3Larry FennigkohLeslie D. Atles
Leslie R. AtlesLevel of SeverityLevel of Severity (LOS)
Life-supportLife-support-criticalLife-support-critical device
Life support-criticalLife support deviceLight maintenance
Low PM riskLow riskMME Part1
MMME IntroMMME Part1MMME Part 2
Main PageMaintenanceMaintenance-critical
Maintenance-critical deviceMaintenance-preventable failureMaintenance-related failure
Maintenance-related failuresMaintenance Practices ProjectMaintenance Practices Task Force
Maintenance procedureMaintenance strategyMalcolm Ridgway
Manufacturer name abbreviationsMats in prepMean Time Between Failures
Mean time between failuresMiketestMission-critical
Model documentsMyron D. HartmanNDP
New Welcome PackageNext stepsNon-critical
Non-critical deviceNon-durable partNon-durable parts
Objectives of AAMI's Maintenance Practices Task ForceObjectives of AAMI's RCM Task ForceOn-condition task
Operating crewOther materials - Bob MorrisOvert failure
PM-critical devicePM-focused risk criteriaPM-preventable failure
PM-related failurePM-related patient safetyPM-related reliability
PM-related reliability and safetyPM-related riskPM-related safety
PM Criticality/ priority QuestionnairePM Criticality (Priority) QuestionnairePM Priority 1 device
PM Priority 2 devicePM Priority 3 devicePM Priority 4 device
PM Priority 5 devicePM proceduresPart1mmme
Part 1. Definitions of important terms. Repair call categories.Part 2. Maintenance program goals and effectiveness metricsPart 3. Alternate implementation strategies
Part 4. Program optimization. Selecting the most cost-effective strategiesParticipate in this projectParticipation of the HTM community in the project
Performance-criticalPerformance-critical devicePerformance verification
Performance verification and safety testingPeriodic safety verificationPersonal Recollections of the Evolution of the Profession
Personal recollectionsPersonal recollections of the evolution of the professionPersonal recollections of the evolution of the profession - by George I. Johnston
Philips Healthcare HeartStart MRxPhilips Healthcare HeartStart XLPhilips HeartStart FRx
Philips HeartStart MRxPhilips HeartStart XLPhilips M4735A
Philips Med Systems HeartStart MRxPhilips Med Systems HeartStart XLPhysical risk
Physio-Control Lifepak 1000Physio-Control Lifepak 12Physio-Control Lifepak 12 defibrillator
Physio-Control Lifepak 15Physio-Control Lifepak 15 defibrillatorPhysio-Control Lifepak 20
Physio-Control Lifepak 20ePhysio-Control Lifepak CR PlusPlanned maintenance
Position Statement of the HTMC MPTF on RCMPosition Statement on Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)Potential PM Priority 1 equipment
Potential PM Priority 1” equipmentPotentially-criticalPotentially PM-Priority 1
Potentially PM-criticalPotentially PM-critical devicePotentially PM Priority 1
Potentially PM Priority 1 devicePotentially high PM risk devicePotentially high PM risk equipment
Predictive maintenancePreventive maintenanceProcess-related failure
Process-related failuresPuritan Bennett 840RCM
RCM-based questionnaireRCM-based risk criteriaRTF
ReconditionReference documentsRejuvenation
Related BlogsRelevant maintenance-related terms and definitionsReliability-centered Maintenance
Robert "Bob" MorrisRun-to-FailureRun-to-failure
Run-to-failure maintenanceSTSTM.1
SVSV-related failure modeSafe
Safety testingSafety testing-criticalSafety testing-critical device
Safety verificationSafety verification-criticalSafety verification failure mode
Saul AronowScheduled discard taskScheduled maintenance
Scheduled restoration taskSeveral quite intimidating challengesStaff training materials
Status of PT 1.3Status of PT 1.4Status of PT 1.5
Status of PT 2.1Status of PT 2.2Status of PT 3.1
Status of PT 3.2Status of PT 4.1Steve Grimes
System failureT.I./DR-TI500/12T.I./IB-A750i/06
Table 1.Table 10Table 10.
Table 11Table 11.Table 12
Table 12.Table 13Table 13.
Table 1ATable 2Table 2.
Table 3Table 3.Table 4
Table 4.Table 4.1Table 4.2
Table 5Table 5.Table 5.10 Cardiac resuscitators
Table 5.11 External pacemakersTable 5.1 AEDsTable 5.2 Anesthesia units
Table 5.3HE Critical care ventilators (illustrative hypothetical example)Table 5.3 Critical care ventilatorsTable 5.4 Defibrillator/ monitors
Table 5.4 Defibrillator/ monitors 7-11-17Table 5.5 Intra-aortic balloon pumpsTable 5.6 Transport incubators
Table 5.7 Transport ventilatorsTable 5.8 Apnea monitorsTable 5.9 Infant incubators
Table 5.XX TemplateTable 5.X TemplateTable 5. Critical care ventilators (illustrative hypothetical example)
Table 6Table 6.Table 6. Critical care ventilators (illustrative hypothetical example)
Table 7Table 7.Table 8
Table 8.Table 9Table 9.
Table XTestpmThe ACCE
The Database TablesThe MissionThe Plan
The TablesThe Task Force's risk criteriaThe database Tables
The relative effectiveness of various control and mitigation strategiesThe tablesThomas Hargest
Time weighted averageTom JuddTony Montagnolo
Total failureTraditional preventive maintenanceTribute ACCE 6-2-13
UpdatingUptimeWear-out failure
Wear-out failures questionnaireWear-out failures severity questionnaireWear-related failure
Wear-related failures severity questionnaireWhich types of devices can be critical to the health and safety of patients?Why the PM Criticality Questionaire is consistent with established industry standards of practice
Zoll AED PlusZoll M SeriesZoll R Series
Zoll R Series ALS“critical equipment”

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