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Table 10

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List of model HTMC PM Procedures

(This table was last updated on 1-23-16)

Type of Device
ANES-01 anesthesia machine
APN.M-01 apnea monitor
AED-01 Automatic External Defibrilator (AED)
C.RES-01 cardiac resuscitator
C.VEN-01 critical care ventilator
DEF-01 defibrillator/monitor
IN.IN-01 infant incubator
IN.SC-01 infant scale
INF.D-01 infusion pump
I.A.B.P-01 intra-aortic balloon pump
PA.SC-01 patient scale
INF.D-03 PCA pump
INF.D-02 syringe pump
T.INC-01 transport incubator
T.VEN-01 transport ventilator
XXXX-01 "xxxx" template
DF-01 "df" template
DE-01 "de" template
YYY-01 "yyyyy" template

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